Introducing Katy Miller: A tech ninja

In the last few blog posts, I’ve introduced a few of the mechanics that you will use while solving cases. If you haven’t read those yet, take a look at the different ways in which you can speak with other characters, and explore some of the features included in Erik’s smartphone


This time I thought I’d give you something different. And what better way to do that than by introducing another main character in Epiphany Investigations: Katy Miller.


Who is Katy Miller?

Katy Miller - Epiphany Investigations
Katy Miller - Art by @dyingmars on Twitter

Katy is a computer ninja. She gained tech knowledge and expertise when she got her first computer at age six. Since then, she learned how to program in as many languages as she could and knows how to hack just about every mainframe. She graduated from college when she was only 16 and began using her knowledge with computers to expose internet trolls. But there’s only so much you can help with by doing that, and so she quickly discovered that she could better use her skills for good by joining the police.


Once on the force, she specialized in solving cases that had gone cold or that perplexed other detectives. She would easily trace laundered money by logging into financial institutions; she would infiltrate government databases to expose corruption and bring to justice those who were in power; and she had no problem hacking impenetrable drug fortresses that were protected by state-of-the-art security protocols.


However, she grew bored at work once she had cracked the hardest or weirdest of cases, and because of this, it wasn’t uncommon for her to pull pranks on the police department from time to time. Not even the chief was safe when he discovered that Katy had hacked his fancy espresso machine to only dispense coffee after saying the password: “nom, nom, nom coffee.”


It was during this time at the police department when she met Erik Martinez, someone who she felt was finally on the same intellectual level as her. Over time, she found Erik’s cases to be much more fascinating and would often wedge herself into the investigations. When Erik decided to leave the force, she didn’t want to stick around and came onboard with him.


Katy is in charge of technology at Epiphany Investigations, and aids Erik with the cases that they get. She’s also responsible for the fancy smartphone that Erik has. She’s really into fashion, and while she considers herself a “geek,” she also doesn’t want to be associated with that stereotype. She is always in a cheery mood, but you also don’t want to get on her bad side. Katy continues to play pranks on her co-workers, but wastes no time when it’s time to work.


Katy is the second of the three core members of Epiphany Investigations. Stay tuned for when the third person is announced! Thanks for reading!

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