Getting three stars in a Story mode level in Super Silly Soccer

Super Silly Soccer is ready for primetime! Now you don't have to wait to get on the field to score some goals. Play when you're on the bus, at the office, or even on the toilet. 


Super Silly Soccer features two modes of play: Story and Endless. Endless mode lets you shoot goals endlessly—if you're good enough. Every time you score a goal, you get to move on the next level. As each level increases, the game becomes even harder, and you have to push yourself to be your high score. 


Levels is a more curated experience. Go from scoring the game-winning goal in the last game in the tournament to trying to score a goal on a hoard of angry bugs. Some levels even contain secrets!

You can buy different types of balls with the in-game currency in Super Silly Soccer

When it's time to take a break from the intense action, head over to the locker room and spend some of your hard-earned cash on a new soccer ball. Be sure to take some time to read some of the descriptions to make sure that you have the perfect ball for the occasion.


Speaking of which, we don't just limit you to soccer balls. Purchase balls with animal themes, balls that have special sound effects, or balls that are currency.


Once you have purchased the perfect ball, you can use this new ball in Endless mode and watch it bounce around the field and off opponents. 


Having a hard time earning coins in Endless mode? Not to worry--there are a few other methods of earning coins. First, there's the Daily Bonus! Earn a small amount of coins each day by simply opening the app! Next: each game is a small victory. Even if you lose, you will make progress toward a coin bonus every time you beat ten levels in endless mode. Lastly, you can always earn ten coins by simply watching a quick ad in the Locker Room.

Super Silly Soccer lets you see how well you're playing the game!

Besides gameplay, Super Silly Soccer includes a few other nifty features.


Interested in how good you are at the game? Take a look at the stats page. This has information on how many games you have played, how many goals you have scored, and even how many times you forced an own goal on the opposing team.


¿Hablas español? Change the language from English to Spanish in the Settings. Should there be demand for it, we would be happy to provide the game in many other languages. 

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