Drifting around a corner in Elite Drift with indicators showing where racers have crashed

Are you an Elite Drifter? Elite Drift lets you challenge players from all over the world to compete to see who is the best driver. Drift for Elite Points and see how far you can make it! Available now for FREE on iOS and Android!


==== Awesome Drifting ====
Drifting in Elite Drift is fast and easy to learn, but difficult to master. Enjoy the tire marks your car leaves behind, the smoke that is lifted as your wheels spin, and the sparks that screech into life as you turn hard corners. But it's not all fun and games on the track: don't forget--this is downhill drifting, and the steep incline makes your car go faster as time goes on. Touch the railing and it's game over for you.

The leaderboard is reset every day--see how long you can be an elite for!
==== Race in 1-v-1s over the internet ====
Match up against other players from around the globe and compete to see who's the most Elite Drifter! First, add a new match via the plus button. Then both players see how far then can make it on the procedurally-generated track. Once both players have raced, see the outcome of the race by watching the replay. If you're playing on Elite mode, the winner earns Elite Points, and the loser is deducted points. But beware! You only have a certain amount of time to reply to a challenge before you automatically forfeit.
==== Challenge your friends ====
Another new feature added in v2.0--friend matches! Search for your friend or another friendly rival and challenge them to a race. Can't find your friend? Invite them with a unique invite code so that they can join you in Elite Drift!

==== Cars for every drifter ====


For serious drifters, we have Tanner, a car with a paint color as black as midnight on a moonless night. No? Perhaps you're a fan of muscle cars. Check out Hired Muscle. Or maybe you like a cool '64. Why not check out La Calle--wooden planks in the back included. For fans of driving on an open road with your girlfriend next to you and the top down, we have the bright red RunOut. With more cars coming soon, there's no telling which car you'll fall in love with.

======= Rise above the competition =======
With Daily Drift, as you drive around the track, you'll notice some red 'X's--this is where other players met their doom! You'll feel great as you pass these marks, since it means you're also beating their score!
Are you an Elite Drifter? Download Elite Drift for iOS and Android!

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